Scrapbook Ideas-Scrapbook For Fan Scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking  is undoubtedly a very pleasant, beautiful and creative hobby. You have a great creative scrapbook ideas. Scrapbook must be perfectly suitable immortalize your projects. It gives you possibilities to turn your photos and blank sheet of paper into a work of art that preserves all your precious memories.  Choosing on the album that is right for you is an important step. You must think about price, style and design of album. So, we shall make the small review of albums. Scrapbooking albums come in different sizes (from 14.5″ x 13″, down to 4×4), in various themes and in a variety of styles. Many scrappers have preferred using albums 12″x12″ because they can put in more photos, embellishments and journaling for every page. And these scrapbooks allow you to convey all your creative scrapbook ideas, scrapbooking techniques. The albums could be person themed, baby scrapbooks, wedding books etc. There are 3 main types of scrapbooks. The easiest and most popular is the three-ring album. It looks like three-ring binder with more pleasing cover. They uses 3 or 4 rings or D-ring to hold pages in page protector in the album. In this scrapbooks pages can be added or removed very easy so you can to scrap your pages in any order you like and it would also allow you to add as much pages as you need or remove the excess blank pages.
Post bound albums accommodate both top loading and side loading page protectors. These scrapbooks uses a page protector and page system similar to three-ring albums. But  there are metal binding posts  instead of rings. Posts bounds together pages and pages protectors between the covers. This album also allow you to add or remove the pages and change the order of the pages. Since the pages are removable you won’t feel pressured to fill the whole scrapbook.

Another popular type is the strap-hinged scrapbook. It’s good for using a lot of bulky embellishment and for quick scrapping. This album uses  flexible plastic straps are passed through the staples to anchor pages between the covers. This kinds also come with plastic page protectors. In this album you must scrap the pages in order because the pages are directly attached on the album. But don’t worry! Use creative scrapbook ideas, scrapbooking tips.

Another option is a book-bound album.There is scrapbook that is bound like a traditional, hard cover book with solid pages. This albums ideally suitable for heritage and family albums.You can use lots of journalling but you are limited to use bulky embellishments. However you can take out the pages to give more room for the bulkier items.

A spiral-bound album is one more type. It uses a metal or nylon coil to hold pages between covers   like regular spiral notebooks. The spiral binding allows the pages to lay flat. That scrapbook is easy to scrap for gift and single stand alone event. Pages cannot be removed or added and you can’t to change the order of the pages. In a stapled-spine album  pages are stapled together.This type is great for mini-scrapbooks and gift albums that won’t be very thick.

So, you can choose any album of this types, however, be sure that it’s of archival quality with acid-free and lignin free paper. Please remember it’s the best way to scrap your photos without them getting ruined and yellowed. Of course, to choose a right album you can only in practice. But I hope if you have a good scrapbook ideas, scrapbook itself will find you!


  1. October 20th, 2010

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