Get More Scrapbook Ideas.

People like to chronicle the life events. They want to look through their books over and over again to relive some moments, especially if it was a great public event. It would be desirable to offer one of the interesting scrapbook ideas.It’s came about from new book “The Obama Time Capsule” by Rick Smolan about the election of Barack Obama. Everyone could add in it  own  photos and notes.

R. Smolan said we wished to make all a part of this grandiose event. This book is similar to a contemporary scrapbooks. We can highlight our participation to similar historical event by means of scrapbooks. You can take your own photos, photo of participants of these events, may be their autographs, clipping, embellishment etc. and make the great page or mini-book.

Also you can create a scrapbooks on motives of any famous film or book. You can make travel in places of events of this book or film. Photograph itself in this conditions, buy interesting memorable subjects, make good titles, journaling and place in an album.
Another tips to make an album about your favorite poet where your photos will be illustrations. And his poetry will be the great journaling.
And what about one of  a scrapbook ideas to make an album “Mood” where will be a photo of one person in really different mood – pleasure, grief, a rage, disappointment, offense, fun, happiness, etc.

  1. July 20th, 2010

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