An Essential Scrapbook Ideas-Scrapbooking Journaling

The colorful journaling is one of the very significant scrapbook ideas. Create by adding words to your pages you will convert a plain photo album into a vibrant and visual storyboard – telling the story behind the photos, showing cherished feelings, memories and emotions. It adds your album a sentimental feel and turns your album into a wonderful and unique project. Journaling is the best way to leave your generations memory of you and your family.

What to journal? When you are making your writing think about the people who will see it in the future. Give them more details so that they can relive your memories and stories for themselves.

The best strategy is to write using the 5 W’s method.

It is important to tell people who they are looking at. Describe what is happening. Where the event in your photo taking place. When was the photo taken. Explain why it is so memorable.

Tell the story and don’t be afraid to journal. Just ask yourself, “What would I want to tell about it?” and then write it down.

One of great journaling methods that’s very simple to do is to try pretend you’re writing to a friend or relative telling them about the pictures you’ve included and include the “Dear ….” at the top of your letter will give your words an intimate feel.

This is an effective way to make a wonderful and unique book that is quick, simple and full of memorable pieces of journaling that add a very personal feel to the album.

These useful journaling scrapbook ideas will help you make nice and easy writing.


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